6 Reasons Justin Bieber should be Sent Back to Canada

Reasons Justin Bieber should be Sent Back to Canada

Justin Bieber is another name for trouble. Sure, this young pop singer has won many hearts. But, he has also attracted many haters in his list. He has a history of trouble which has now earned him a black flag from the people of U.S. There is a petition being held against him to deport him back to his native Canada. Let’s take a look at some reasons.

1. He was arrested for DUI and drag racing

The recent thing that he has done needs no explanation. He was caught in the middle of the night under the influence of drugs racing drag. This cannot be justified with any sympathy. His antics are more than a headache even for locals of the U.S.

2. He said that rape happens for a reason

Is this not enough a reason to send him back to his native? How can a grave social issue like rape be taken so lightly! He had stated in an interview that everything happens for a reason, including rape. Oh really! Could anyone explain him the meaning of this heinous crime? By quoting this, he got himself trapped. We can say just one thing to Bieber, “Being sent back to Canada also happens for a reason!”

3. He tried to smuggle his monkey

Who would tolerate this cowardly act? He was caught for smuggling his pet monkey at the Munich airport. This act has not just defied the law of the country but also affected the health of the poor animal. The people of America have criticized and booed him for this ridiculous and inhuman antic. This is one sure shot reason why he should be sent back to his Canada.

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