6 Reasons for Missed Period When You’re not Pregnant

6 Reasons for Missed Period When You're not Pregnant

Most women think and know that missing a period is the first sign of pregnancy. But there are various other reasons due to which this happens. There is no need to panic because there are possibilities other than pregnancy for missing your period or a delay in the cycle. Listed here are 6 reasons for missed period other than pregnancy.

1. Imbalance of hormones

Women develop hormonal problems and imbalance. PCOD has also become very common these days. Hormones that support the menstruation process may be going through some imbalance and that leads to an irregular menstrual cycle or a missed period. In such a case you need to consult a doctor and take medication.

2. Medication that causes imbalance

There are chances that you are prescribed certain medicines that cause irregular periods or missing of period. You need to check with your doctor about the side effects of the medication. There are medicines like anti- depressants, chemotherapy medicines, asthma medicines and the likes that could be the reason.

3. Thyroid imbalance

Imbalance in the thyroid levels of the body causes heavy or less flow during menstrual cycle. It also causes irregular periods and missing of periods. Because of thyroid, the hormones get affected and the result of it is shown in the menstrual cycle. Visit your physician as soon as possible and find out if thyroid is the culprit.

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