4 Reasons Christmas is the Best Holiday Ever

5 Reasons Christmas is the Best Holiday Ever

Come December and millions of people from all over the world eagerly anticipate the day of Christmas. It is one of the few festivals that cross religious boundaries and have some modern icons like Santa Claus and his posse that children and adults alike love. Not only it is a festival that sees houses and streets lit up and decorated, it is also a season of love and exchanging gifts. No matter how commercialized the holiday has become Christmas still retains some of its basic things and becomes one of the best holidays ever. Here are some of the reasons why Christmas is the best holiday ever.

1. Falls in the last month of the year, making it even more special

Since it falls on the last month of the year and you have only a few days left for the New Year, there is a sense of urgency to cram the holiday with all the goodness of the year and also celebrate it as the end of the year gone past. It by default becomes a celebration of all the accumulated joy. People also have a year to save up on money to celebrate Christmas on a huge scale. More gifts means more joy and this is one of the reasons Christmas is one of the best holidays ever.

2. The Holiday of Christmas knows no religious bounds

Christmas carries with it the universal message of love and cheer. This makes it possible to overcome religious barriers and let everyone celebrate it. Since kids all over the worlds love Santa Claus, his reindeer and elves, it is not surprising to see people from other religions celebrate Christmas with enthusiasm. The very fact that you can celebrate the holiday with your friends and family from the faiths without making anyone uncomfortable is one of the best things about Christmas.

3. No other festival is as colorful and as bright as Christmas

Even if you are down and out, the Christmas decorations are bound to lift up your spirits for no other holiday is as colorful and bright as Christmas. Just walking along the walls or the square and looking at homes decorated with lights and ornaments is enough to make you feel joyous and happy. Not to forget the amazing food and the chocolates and candy that is available.

4. Drink as much as eggnog you want and also eat like a glut

Christmas is a time where you can drink as much as eggnog you want to. No one will blame you for falling sick by it. It is also a time when you can eat as much as you want to without having to worry about your diet. There is something about Christmas and the feasts that you cannot simply resist.

Christmas brings joy to everyone and can lift up saggy spirits at least for a day and that is one of the main reasons that it is one of the best holidays of the year.

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