5 Real Facts to Know about Caffeine Use Disorder

Real Facts to Know About Caffeine Use Disorder

Caffeine use disorder can sound like a made up name and you may feel like brushing it off lightly but it is a serious disorder is increasingly becoming common says a survey and a study published in the Journal of Caffeine research. Researchers conducting the study looked at previous studies to assess the prevalence and seriousness of this disorder. Caffeine disorder is a condition where the body reacts badly to the lack of caffeine. You would experience withdrawal symptoms and anxiety just like you would after quitting drugs. Agitated behavior and anxiety are also other symptoms faced by people with caffeine use disorder. Too much addiction to caffeine also will make you crave for it when it is prohibited for medical reasons. Here are some real facts about caffeine use disorder.

1. It is a real disorder

There are many people who caffeine boost to work every day and some need it to even get up and function normally. This leads to addiction and makes it a difficult habit to kick. You tend to look for other sources to get the boost and eventually end up coming back to taking caffeine products.

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2. Coffee is not the only culprit that makes you a caffeine addict

Many people wrongly assume that coffee is the only food that has a lot of caffeine. Other foods such as sodas, energy drinks and even chocolates have caffeine in them and it is easy to unknowingly substitute one for the other when you are trying to cut down on your caffeine intake.

3. Unlike coffee products, it is not mandatory for manufacturers to display the amount of caffeine in their products

Because of this you really do not know the amount of caffeine you are taking in. You may have cut down on coffee but still might be taking in the same amount or even larger amounts of caffeine.

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