10 Qualities of a Long Lasting Marriage

Qualities of a Long Lasting Marriage

Marriage is like a beautiful dance where each partner matches his or her step with another to coordinate and make it look seamless, effortless and beautiful. A long lasting marriage is no joke and does not happen just like that. A lot of hard work goes into making a marriage work and keep it a success even after many years. A long lasting marriage serves as an inspiration to many and has many qualities that once can learn from. Some of the qualities of a long lasting marriage are

1. Honesty

Honesty is important for any relationship to work and marriage is no exception. A marriage lasts longer when the couple is honest with each other and has more or less nothing to hide from each other.

2. Love

To love and to remain in love for many ears is also an essential for a marriage to last longer. Staying in love with the same person and living with his or her faults is also a quality of a long lasting marriage that many can take a cue from.

3. Trust

Another quality of a long lasting marriage is the trust that the married couple has for each other. Trust comes from being open with each other and believing in each other standing behind the other and backing up no matter what.

4. Communication

Good communication is also a quality that makes a marriage work and makes it last longer. A flawed communication among two people is what leads to many misunderstandings and fights. Communication and effective communication is a definite must for any marriage.

5. Respect

Another quality that can be found in a couple from a long marriage is the amount of respect they have for one another. They never let each other down under any circumstances and respect each other giving each their own space.

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