9 Qualities Men Look for in a Wife

 Qualities Men Look for in a Wife

Every woman wants to be the best in every role that she plays. Be it a daughter, a mother, a sister or even a wife, she wants to be the best and be loved for it. Being in a healthy relationship or a healthy marriage requires a lot of dedication and skill. Every man looks for the best in the woman he wants to be with for the rest of his life. He looks for certain qualities and skills in the woman whom he considers to be his prospective match. What are these qualities? Listed here are the top 9 qualities men look for in a wife.

1. Affectionate

A man wants his wife to love him. And not just loving in the surreptitious sense of the word. He wants her to be expressive about it. A man wants his wife to love him openly and show it to him. He seeks a wife who will hug him and kiss him affectionately to express her love and will express how much she loves him by saying it to him often.

2. Honest

A man wants to marry a woman who is honest. He expects that if there is anything in her mind, she would say it instead of hiding it or expecting him to figure it out himself. Also, he wants his wife to be honest about everything because the foundation of a healthy relationship is trust.

3. Understanding

Every man wants an understanding wife. A wife should not misunderstand him for every little and unimportant thing and instead see things from his point of view and be empathetic towards him. An understanding wife would stand by him through thick and thin.

4. Charming

A wife should have a charm which will attract him towards her. She should have a certain lovability about her that makes her so lovely and likable as a person. A charming personality is a much sought after quality in wives.

5. Unpredictable

Obviously, men do not want moody wives. What they want is a special kind of unpredictability which fascinates them. A woman who plans surprises for him or plans surprise outings just to liven up the day is what men look out for.

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