Top 10 Problems that Lead to Divorce

Top 10 Problems that Lead to Divorce

Divorce doesn’t happen in a day. The seed of divorce is sown when little misunderstandings become too big to be resolved. Read on to know about the top 10 problems that culminate in a divorce:

1. Lack of physical intimacy

The rosy world of romance often turns bleak and dreary after few years of marriage. It can be because of boredom or load of responsibilities. Taking care of kids also takes a toll on physical intimacy between husband and wife. Consistent lack of lovemaking and romance often creates a wide rift in the relationship which ultimately leads to divorce.

2. Financial problems

When money becomes the center of all your discussions and arguments, then love often flies out of the window. The continuous financial crunch is yet another problem that shatters the marital bliss and lead to divorce. Uncontrolled spending habits and lack of financial responsibility further aggravate the problems to the extent that divorce seems like the only solution.

3. Ego clashes and behavioral incompatibility

When love is new, the faults of your beloved are often overlooked by you. But as the love ages and the reality of life sinks in, it becomes difficult to turn a blind eye to those faults. The result is obvious – ego clashes and raging arguments. Sometimes it’s not about who is right or wrong. The problem is simply about emotional and behavioral incompatibility of the couple. They never seem to understand each other and end up fighting till they separate for good.

4. Extra marital affair

Cheating on one’s spouse and indulging in extra marital affairs often has a disastrous consequence on one’s marriage. Divorce is often the choice for many couples in such a scenario.

5. Inability to tolerate in-laws

Believe it or not, but in-laws too contribute to divorces. Too much of interference and general incompatibility with in-laws can result in frequent arguments and fights between husband and wife which ultimately pushes them to the path of divorce.

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