6 Possible Positive Effects of Cannabis

Possible Positive Effects of Cannabis

The debate over the sale and use of cannabis has been a long standing one. There are countries that have criminalized the use of cannabis, while some have decriminalized it and have legalized the sale of cannabis for medicinal purposes. The use of cannabis has had a long history with a lot of people using it in many religious rituals and also for medicinal purposes. Originally cultivated and found in central, South America and Asia, cannabis or marijuana as it is also called is now being grown all over the world. In a bid to limit the sale of the drug and in the fight against drugs, Ecuador has also been the first country that allows it citizens to grow marijuana at home. Marijuana or cannabis is a naturally found herb and is smoked without adding any chemicals to it and that is why it is called as a safe drug. Also it has quite a number of positive effects on users. Here are some of the possible side effects of cannabis.

1. It is a relaxant

Cannabis is a mood relaxant and also relaxes the body. This nature of cannabis makes it a good drug to be used for cancer patients to relax after they have undergone treatment and chemotherapy.

2. It is also a part of the treatment for Tourette’s syndrome

Cannabis is also used to treat Tourette’s syndrome and although this has not been prove scientifically, it does play a significant part to help people suffering from it.

3. It increases your appetite

Smoking cannabis is also known to increase the appetite. It makes you feel hungry and eat a lot. It is especially good if you are having problems with food or not feeling hungry.

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