6 Places to Visit in Portland

6 Places to Visit in Portland

Portland is a relatively small city compared to the other big cities on the west coast, but it offers you a lot to see and experience in spite of the constant rain and depressing weather.

1. The food carts

The food carts are a curious thing that you would find in Portland. In the middle of the city, in a square are the numerous food carts, serving food from all over the world. In one place you can go around tasting food from over thirty different countries of the world. The food carts serve tasty food and as an added bonus, the surrounding areas are clean and hygienic.

2. Washington Park

It is a huge park with over 400 acres of trees, gardens and hiking routes. Situated on a hill, it also offers panoramic views of the city below. The rose garden and the Japanese tea garden are a must see when you are visiting Washington Park.

3. Powell’s Book store

No visit to Portland can be complete without visiting Powell’s Book store. It covers an entire block and stores and sells more than a million books in its shelves. It is an iconic place and has become a major tourist attraction just for its sheer size.

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