10 Photography Tips You Must Try

10 Photography Tips You Must Try

In the recent decade, the creative art industry has witnessed a boom of photographers. Due to digitization, cheaper cameras and mobile phone filters everyone discovers a photographer hidden inside them. These tips will make you stand out among the crowd of “I, too, am a photographer”.

1. Have a photographic eye

Understand what makes a photograph worthy enough to be revisited. A portrait for instance displays finer details of a person, whereas a common group photo shows togetherness. Similarly, a landscape might showcase solitude and a street photograph would exhibit culture. Thinking before taking a picture would produce meaningful pictures. Always frame inside your mind, then search for the right subjects; and always keep looking for better light sources.

2. You don’t need expensive gear

It’s common practice to buy expensive gear and then learn picture taking. This practice is not very fruitful in the long run. If you wish to be a photographer, an entry level digital camera should sort you out. A budding photographer should pay a lot of attention to his picture taking skills rather than buying expensive equipment. Mobile phones could be a great source for camera too.

3. Keep accessories handy

Cameras or mobile phones having large displays tend to consume more battery power during live views and flash usage. Having spare batteries can be a wish come true in necessity. Also carry extra memory cards to shoot freely in large formats and longer durations.

4. Always be ready

This could serve as a step up to becoming a professional. Always keep your camera ready and be alert for moments around you. It’s advisable to use a phone with a decent camera – this way a moment never go uncaptured.

5. Be subject friendly

If you are taking a close picture of a person make sure to seek his permission. Try to interact with the people, get few details of them, in this way you can share details and tag each picture accordingly.

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