6 NYC Cycling Tips

6 NYC Cycling Tips

New York City is a great place to bike, even with all its traffic. It’s dense urban setting and relatively short distances together with a flat terrain make cycling easy. It is also an inexpensive and non-polluting way to get around the city. Most of the biking stretch in New York is not physically separated from the other lanes of traffic, but is differentiated with signs and paints on the road, sometimes making it difficult for cyclists to navigate the traffic. Here are a few tips for a safe biking experience in New York City.

1. Stick to your Lane

Always stick to the Bike lane, no matter what hurry you are in. this way, you have less chances of getting hit by the other vehicles.

2. Wait for the proper light to cross

Do not jump red lights. Always wait for the light to turn green before you cross. This applies not only to cyclists but any motorist or pedestrian.

3. Do not take sharp turns

It increases your risk of skidding or falling down. Also it confuses the motorist behind you forcing an accident at times or breaking hard, which is neither good for the vehicle or the passenger inside.

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