4 Nice Ideas for Thanksgiving

4 Nice Ideas for Thanksgiving

When it comes to Thanksgiving, all we can think of is the sumptuous dinner and the family gathering. It also puts a lot of pressure on us to make it more interesting and enjoyable for everyone involved. Quite frankly, it is not only about the food, but also the camaraderie that we share with others. Here are a few ideas to make your Thanksgiving Day the most interesting holidays of the year.

1. Make it a no shopping day

Together with the dinner, it has become a ritual for us to exhaust ourselves with shopping this time of the year. This year, decide that it would be a no shopping day. When we shop on Thanksgiving Day, the holiday becomes more commercialized and we are only robbing another family of their celebrations and time together by spending long hours at the stores. By spending the time at home and with loved ones, we can not only save a lot of time and money, but we can also make lasting bonds. There is always time for shopping later and sales at the stores will always be around. Make good use of the money spent shopping by donating it to those in need or giving it to your favorite charity.

2. Labor sharing day

Encourage everyone in the family and your guests to involve themselves in the cooking and other activities that you have planned for the day. Instead of eating at a table with everyone, invite them into your house and heats by making them a part of making the dinner. You can get new ideas for your dishes, new recipes and make some real good friends for life. Since everyone gets a role to play and things to do, it could be transformed into a labor sharing day, where we can all learn about the importance of working and living together. This could be a creative way of also letting the kids learn about the importance of teamwork in life. It is not only the kids, but also us who can learn much when we involve people in our lives.

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