5 Negative Effects of Over Exercising

5 Negative Effects of Over Exercising

Exercising is a good thing. It helps you keep your mind alert and your body fit. With the constantly changing diet and lifestyle patterns which actually promote obesity and weight gain, exercise is the best option to eat what you want and also stay healthy. There are so many physical and emotional benefits associated with exercising that in many cases it is preferred over medication in treating diseases. But too much of anything can also be a bad thing. Some people just do not know when to stop and this is when they over exercise. They either do not know what they are doing to they become too addicted to stop exercising. Here are some negative effects of over exercising.

1. It can cause injuries

You should always know how much you can endure or how much your body can take before you start on a brutal exercise regimen. When your body is not ready or you stretch it beyond its levels of endurance you run the serious risk of injuring yourself. Torn ligaments, pulled hamstrings, busted knees, fractures and dislocations are some of the common injuries that are caused by over exercising.

2. It becomes an addiction

Exercise gives you a high. Some exercises like running, core exercises and weight exercises can make you feel good about yourself that you get addicted to the high just like you would get addicted to any substance that makes you feel good. It is ok till you keep it under control and do not let this high take over your life. When you are addicted to the high, you tend to over exercise and cannot feel the same way with anything else.

3. It gives you an awkward and sometimes an undesirable body shape

Over exercising or not exercising in the right manner also gives you an awkward or undesirable shape. You can tend to become more muscular than you intended to. Instead of getting fit, you would just end up looking like a body builder. The truth is that there is a difference between a toned stomach and a six pack and six packs is what you will end up getting because of over exercising.

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