4 Negative Effects of Caffeine on Your Body

 Negative Effects of Caffeine on Your Body

Caffeine is a bitter stimulant drug found in many foods and food products, especially tea, coffee and other carbonated drinks. While it has many health benefits like keeping you alert during the day and while driving, and also helps in averting several ailments and psychological problems as well, caffeine when consumed on an uncontrolled scale can cause severe harm. Too much caffeine has many destructive effects on your health and body. Listed below are the major 4 negative effects of caffeine on your body.

1. Allergic reaction

Your immune system is designed as such that it is capable to handle a moderate amount of caffeine each day. But some people are allergic and hypersensitive to caffeine. For them, caffeine, in some cases, is a strict no- no. Patients with high blood pressure, irregular digestive system, acid reflux, stomach ulcers and even some heart patients are likely to be more sensitive to caffeine than others. Even some who complain of headaches could be allergic to caffeine and should thus avoid it.

2. Pregnancy related risks

Women who are pregnant should exercise extra care about their consumption of caffeine. Caffeine would be harmful not only for your body, but for the fetus as well. Caffeine aggravates the complications related to pregnancy, because caffeine reaches the fetus after crossing the placenta quite easily. It could lead to low birth weight or immature metabolism in the unborn baby. Caffeine could seep into the system of the fetus and increase toxic levels at such a rate that the chances of miscarriage are significantly increased.

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