5 Must-Try Cool Mocktails

5 Must-Try Cool Mocktails

Be it parties or family gathering, mocktails are simply perfect for any occasion. To beat the summer heat or to add some color to any celebrations, try some cool, jazzy mocktails and feel revived without consuming alcohol. The recipes generally include fresh fruits, herbs, juices and even ice creams! The preparations are generally simple and easy and you can try it at home. Check out 5 must-­­try cool mocktails here.

1. Atomic Cat

This easy to make, energizing drink is made by mixing orange juice and tonic water into a highball glass, with a lot of crushed ice. This drink will taste even fresher if you use original fruit juice instead of the artificial one you get in the market. You can serve it with apt decoration.

2. Creamsicle Punch

This yummy drink is just a great treat for everyone. The color and flavor of this mocktail will take you back to your colorful childhood. Simple to prepare, you just need to mix orange juice, ginger ale, vanilla ice cream and orange sherbet into a bowl and mix it. You can add some more ale and orange juice for an extra punch. Add ice and vodka, if required. Be it a gathering or bridal shower, creamsicle punch will be a great drink for the occasion.

3. Virgin Mary

A great substitute for the cocktail Bloody Mary, the non-alcoholic Virgin Mary is a hugely popular mocktail. Mix chilled tomato juice, driblets of worcester, tabasco sauce and lemon juice in a mixer and add a pinch of celery salt if required. Before pouring the drink, soak the serving glass rim in lemon juice and then roll the glass in salt and allow the frosting to dry. Pour the chilled drink into the glass and enjoy.

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