6 Must Know Keyboard Shortcuts

6 Must Know Keyboard Shortcuts

You must be well aware of all the internet lingos, but are you aware of keyboard shortcuts? Yes, there are many people who aren’t aware of keyboard shortcuts, if you are one of them, then you must know about some basics of keyboard shortcuts.

1. Save option

If you are working on any word or excel document, then do opt for ctrl + s for windows. There is no need to manually save your documents while working. This key will save your documents without going to options. Many times, automatic saving also gets deactivated, so this comes handy. For Mac, the command is CMD + S. So, do use this for saving your important files.

2. Copy option

Now, the most used option in windows is probably the good old copy and paste. So, use this option with command ctrl + c for copy. And, the command for paste is ctrl + v. Working on a document in windows will be simple with these key commands through keyboard. For Mac, the command for copy is CMD + C and for paste is CMD + V. So, copy all your files and paste it accordingly.

3. Undo option

We can’t undo things in our life but thank god we can undo things on computer or laptop. Undo option is the best if you delete anything by mistake. So, next time if you need to use undo through keyboard, simply press the command ctrl + z for any file recovery. And, if you are a Mac user, then the undo command is CMD + Z. So; it is as simple as it sounds.

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