9 Most Romantic Proposal Ideas

9 Most Romantic Proposal Ideas

A relationship is a beautiful thing which brings two souls together. As time passes, the two people come closer and are addicted to each other! When you are in love, you want your special someone to be with you all the time. He is there for you in good and bad times. You can feel his presence even when he is not around! If you too have a special person in life and if you want to marry him, then check out these romantic proposal ideas.

1. Plan a candlelight dinner for him

Your dinner date should not be as simple and common as others. It should be different and romantic! You can book a table for the two of you in a good restaurant and make sure the ambiance is amazing. This will make your evening interesting. If you are a good singer, you can express your feelings by singing his favorite song. You can also write a poem for him and express your feelings for the ‘proposal moment’.

2. Invite all his friends

You can invite all his friends together and arrange a surprise party. Your proposal should be a surprise for him. Propose to him in front of all his friends and you can make the moment even more special! Use cake and champagne to add an edge to the proposal.

3. Decorate his room

If your man is a shy person, then avoid public displays of affection. You can decorate his room with red roses, a good perfume and dim lights. Also, use soothing music to make the ambiance more romantic. Now, pick some nice pictures of you two. Place these pictures in the center of the bed. Decorate the bed with red roses and write ‘Marry me’ on the bed using rose petals.

4. Ask him directly

You can ask him directly! Speak to him openly about the kind of life partner he would like to have for his life. Ask him if he would be able to take your responsibility and if he would be willing to take all your tantrums for the rest of his life! In the end, you can ask him, “Will you marry me?”

5. Wear a t-shirt that reads ‘Marry me’

You can wear a t-shirt that reads ‘Marry Me.’ This can be surprising as well as cute. You can wear this kind of a t-shirt on your birthday or his birthday.

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