5 Most Popular Nursery Rhymes for Kids

Most Popular Nursery Rhymes for Kids

Nursery rhymes are the best way to introduce music, rhyme and language to kids. Sharing those age old nursery rhymes, which you have learned as a kid, with your children is a special pleasure. Along with that, you can also teach them the modern rhymes, so that they are not left behind others of their age group. Research has proved that early exposure to music improves overall health, boosts IQ and strengthens emotional bonds.

At a small age, kids learn from the environment they observe. This is when parents should start introducing new and fun ways to enhance the learning process. Nursery rhymes have a musical rhythm and can act as a catalyst to speed up the learning process. There are some really popular rhymes that kids do not just enjoy but also memorize quickly. Listed here are some of the most popular nursery rhymes for kids.

1. Humpty Dumpty

The oldest rhyme ‘Humpty Dumpty’ dates back to the 19th century and was meant to be a riddle. By singing the rhyme, kids can be engaged by making them guess who Humpty Dumpty really is. It was not until later that it was learned it’s an egg. Many people prefer the older version of this poem.

2. Sing a Song of Six Pence

Perhaps one of the oldest of all rhymes, ‘Sing a Song of Six Pence’ dates back to 18th century. This rhyme has been there for ages teaching small children how meals are not a compulsion but a fun activity. Make the rhyme more interesting with actions and kids will love it.

3. Old MacDonald Had a Farm

‘Old MacDonald’ is one of the sweetest musical rhymes that can stay long in a child’s heart. Through the rhyme, you can engage your child in learning and identifying different animal noises. Sing these to your children and watch them learn as they grow. You can be more creative by adding some more lines in the poem if you want to teach your kids animal names and sounds in a unique way.

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