5 Most Popular Halloween Costumes of 2013

5 Most Popular Halloween Costumes of 2013

Hunting for fun, cool and quirky Halloween costumes can be tough, especially when you want them to be relevant to the year 2013. Here are a few costume ideas that you can use to create a unique Halloween ensemble that your friends will envy.

1. Katy Perry’s Roar costume

Katy Perry’s hit singles are not the only items topping popularity charts, her costumes are too. This Halloween, borrow ideas from this California Gurls pop star and recreate the jungle costume she used in her hit track Roar. Pair a leopard print top with a leaf skirt. Don’t forget to add charm to the outfit with a floral headband and waistband. If you can’t find the exact headband worn by Katy Perry in stores, you can create a replica by piecing plastic flowers together at home. This costume is likely to grab eyeballs as you hit the streets to celebrate Halloween.

2. Walter White hazmat suit

Make your friends go crazy about your Halloween costume by taking inspiration from this Breaking Bad star. As the central character of the hit TV series Breaking Bad, Walter White has gained immense popularity. You can get some compliments by buying a recreation of his plastic hazmat suit online. Wear a faux gas mask to appear in-character. Wear blue gloves just like he does in the show. To go all out, you can get a fake goatee and place it on your chin too.

3. Duck Dynasty costumes

Do you love the rustic and wry sense of humor of the Robertson family from the ever popular TV series of Duck Dynasty? If you do, then their jungle camouflage costume is a great Halloween pick for you. Wear the sleeveless camouflage vest used by the characters in the series and pair it with funky headbands, especially the ones worn on screen by Uncle Si and Willie. You can scout around town to get your hands on a fake long beard to add more authenticity to your costume.

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