9 Most Popular Christmas Gifts Ever

9 Most Popular Christmas Gifts Ever

Christmas is the time when parents would do just about anything to get the presents that their kids want. With new products getting launched every year, it can be just as confusing for the kids as it is for the parents. To give you an idea of how popular a product can get, we give you a list of some of the most popular Christmas gifts ever!

1. Rubik’s cube

Well, this one makes for a great brain-teaser and can be just what you need to spend your free time qualitatively. It can help a lot in a child’s mental development. Rubik’s cube has been one of the most popular Christmas gifts as it continues to excite and challenge the brain cells and makes for a great gift for all age groups.

2. Tickle me Elmo

Ah, the beloved Elmo! You squeeze it and it chortles and all you need to do for it to laugh hysterically is squeeze it three times in a row. It continues to be a popular choice for kids, when it comes to Christmas gifts. The perfect gift for all those who love Sesame Street.

3. Bratz dolls

What else could you ask for when you have Jade, Cloe, Sasha, and Yasmin (the original quartet) as your Christams presents! These lovely ten-inch teenagers had large heads and skinny bodies. Despite their disappointing launch in June 2001, they generated billions when Christmas came!

4. Playstation 3

This one had several mothers and fathers camping out for days! Playstation 3 was Sony’s response to Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and it had been pre-sold online for thousands of dollars! And if that was not enough, you had a number of gun violence reports like armed robberies, shootings, and brawls. This was one of the most desired Christmas present, even long after it was launched!

5. Razor Scooters

What do you do when you want to neither drive nor walk? Get yourself a Razor scooter! Such was its popularity that the original Razor won Toy of the Year and was even recognized as a “classic mode of transportation, like bikes and skateboards.” What else could you ask for in a Christmas gift?

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