12 Most Expensive Brands Of Clothes In The World

12 Most Expensive Brand Of Clothes In The World

You’ve always seen your favorite red-carpet celebrities, rich business tycoons, royal wives and a lot of the elite crowd wearing expensive clothes. You’ve seen them in designer wear studded with real gold, silver or diamonds, and you’ve seen some of their dogs too wearing expensive clothes!

While customized outfits by brands or designers have always remained exclusive for celebrities and have had heavy price tags, there are some brands with their usual collections too that can burn a hole in your pocket. And you won’t be surprised that a lot of the celebrities wear clothes from these brands as their daily wear!

Listed here are the most expensive brands of clothing in the world.

1. Dior

Christian Dior founded this brand in 1946, and since then, it has been a leading name in the market for hot couture clothing with clients ranging from business tycoons to film stars to singers and a lot more. Even the most basic of dresses at Dior cost quite a bit. The other luxury goods that this French brand offers include make up products, fragrances, accessories etc.

2. Gucci

One of the leading Italian luxury brands, Gucci has been a prime manufacturer of bags, shoes and a lot more since its launch. It has a lot of competitors in the market, but with the kind of quality it offers, the clientele returns to this brand again and again. And that, of course, shoots up the prices in the market.

3. Chanel

Founded by Coco Chanel in 1909, this brand has always had a unique collection of fashion accessories with a patent style, never copying other brands or trying hard to compete with them, much like the distinctive and classy style of the founder herself. Chanel happens to be one of the most popular brands across the globe with all young girls hoping to own one of their handbags at least once in a lifetime!

4. Prada

The movie “The Devil Wears Prada” shows the life of a lot of fashion-conscious people quite correctly, and tells us that fashion is so much more than just covering your body with clothes. While the movie hasn’t got anything much to do with the brand as such, Prada as a brand knows that principle very well, and always has clothes and accessories that are simple yet stylish. The Italian brand believes that if you have to wear comfortable clothes everyday anyway, then why not wear distinctive and comfy ones? Needless to say, this approach of the brand makes it popular with a lot of celebrities.

5. Guess

You think of fashionable denim clothing, and Guess is the first brand that comes to your mind. This American high-fashion brand is aimed at creating comfortable and stylish wear for men and women. There is always a wide range of clothes to choose from in innumerable styles and designs. Their jeans are the most popular item from their collection all over the world.

6. Versace

Versace, an Italian brand, comes up with new collections so fast, that it leaves no scope for competitors to catch up. It has roped in some of the most popular celebrities for becoming brand ambassadors, and today, it is one of the most sought after brands for seasonal clothing. Casuals or formals or accessories, every celeb has something of Versace for sure in their wardrobes.

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