5 Mistakes To Avoid While Doing Yoga

5 Mistakes To Avoid While Doing Yoga

Are you finding it hard to find a balance in your life? Are you feeling increasingly stressed and worn out because of your hectic work life? If yes, then it’s high time you do yoga because it will act as a one stop guide to all your problems. Over the last few decades, yoga has totally changed the way people look at exercises. You can start learning this holy practice either under an able teacher or with the help of video materials. Within a few weeks, you will see a marked difference in your attitude towards things and life. Doing yoga the wrong way might harm your health and its advantages will be diluted. To help you in doing yoga the right way, these 5 mistakes should be avoided at all costs.

1. Do not do yoga on a full stomach

This is the basic and the most important instruction while doing yoga. While you may be tempted to do the exercises a few hours after having lunch and dinner, but refrain from it because it will harm your health. Keeping a gap of 4 hours after the intake of heavy food is necessary. If you are on a fruit diet, then you can do yoga after an hour or two. Yoga comprises “asanas”, which are generally poses and body stretches. It is thus advised to do it early morning after you wake up.

2. Don’t forget to focus on your breath while doing Yoga

Strangely, what many people forget is that they are supposed to pay attention to your breathing while doing yoga. This exercise is all about your breath and ignoring it will not give you the desired effect. Try to focus on your inward and outward breath and if possible count the number of breaths as well.

3. Do not exert or stress yourself for doing yoga

Generally, it is advised that if you do not feel like doing something, you shouldn’t push yourself towards it because you would end up doing injustice to the job. Same applies to the time when you are doing yoga. If you are extremely tired or you are not in the mood, then just avoid it. Straining yourself will only make matters worse.

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