6 Makeup Trends for Summer 2013

6 Makeup Trends for Summer 2013

Keeping up with makeup trends is quite a difficult task. But allow your worries to step aside to give way to makeup trends for summer 2013. They are novel, inspiring and oh so fashionable.

1. Eye makeover

Do away with nudes and pastels for this summer. It is time to experiment with your paint-box. Neon pinks, oranges and aquamarines have found their way on the eyelids and jades below it. If you are looking for a little more drama, mascaras and eyelashes of matching colors can also be fetched for added zing to your look. Metallic shades for eye shadow in both cream and powder forms are both in vogue and cry for attention.

2. Unearthly facial skin

If facial makeup is used the right way, you can manage to get yourself ethereal skin. The logic this summer is no makeup for the right makeover. Use the highlighter suitably, else you may end up looking like a glowing ghost.

3. The brow factor

Gone are the days when women ran to the salons to trim and sport slim eyebrows. This summer, it is time to stop with just defining it. Thick, bushy eyebrows that are just defined update your 2013 summer look. Bold, dark and arched eyebrows render a mystic appeal to your look. You can even use a liner or pencil to color over your eyebrows and give it a nice rich shade.

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