Makeup Trends For 2011

Makeup Trends For 2011

Makeup is much more than just enhancing your looks in today’s era. Women use makeup as a weapon, some wear it like an attitude while some embrace it as if it is their friend. The benefits of knowing the in and out of the makeup world are manifold. Read ahead to know about the makeup trends seen in 2011.

1. The simple look

Many women seem to have opted for the soft amber look this year, rather than going for flashy shades. Rush colored lipsticks, soft eyeliners and subtle highlighters seem to have been in this year. Women have avoided harsh lines and edges in order to carry a fresh and romantic look that so easily woos men!

2. Creative look

This is for all the women who like to sport a bold look. Smokey eyes paired with dark lipstick or different colored eyebrows paired with silver lipsticks sure seem to be the disco-tech trend that some women like to adapt from time to time. Put on your creative hats and come up with unconventional makeup ideas!

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