7 Makeup Tips to Look Great on Christmas Eve

7 Makeup Tips to Look Great on Christmas Eve

More than the Christmas day, it is the Christmas Eve that has a lot of parties and you will have to look and be dressed in your best. If you are someone who does all the Christmas decorations and cooking and all the other stuff by yourself, then you might want to give a little more care to applying makeup as you will not want to look tired and haggard in the pictures or in the parties. You make up can be different depending on the party you go to or the restaurant you go out to eat. It also depends on the company you go out with. If it is just family, it can be minimal and if you are inviting a large crowd or going to a huge party then you can spend some quality time looking your best. Here are some makeup tips to look great on Christmas Eve.

1. Do not go over the top unless you can carry it off or play it as a joke

Do not go over the top with your makeup, unless you are very sure that you can carry off that look. You can also make a parody by putting on makeup, but you just need to be comfortable with all the things that you have on your face. A caked up face is no fun to look at.

2. Trim your eyebrows

When you trim your eyebrows, your face looks like something has been done to it and it also looks a lot more cleaned up. If you have an expressive face, it would be your eyebrows that get a lot of attention. Get them trimmed well before you move on to apply makeup for your eyes.

3. Eyeliners

Eyeliners are a great tool to accentuate your eyes. They can come real handy when you have tired looking or puffed up eyes. If you are feeling adventurous you can also make your eyes look dramatic by experimenting with different thickness and shapes.

4. Lipstick

Get into the festive spirit by going with red. Paint your lips bright red to ring in a very joyous Christmas. Not to mention that your lips will also be the cynosure of all eyes in the room. Red lips are classy as well as sexy and a definite show stopper.

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