Make Your Kids Learn New Things With New Year Resolutions

Make Your Kids Learn New Things With New Year Resolutions

‘Clean up your room Abby!’ Do you keep yelling similar things to your daughter or son day in day out? Well, there’s one great idea that we’re going to give you. Why not get your kids to take a New Year resolution and make sure they learn a thing or two? ‘I tried this out with my son Phil, 7 and it worked wonders’, says Mary, 35. Check out 5 great New Year resolutions that your kid can take.

Resolution #1: I will clean up my room

Incentive: A box of lollies / chocolates

‘Chris, 6, my son just loves his raspberry lollies. I made him promise me that he would clean his room every time he left it. And in return, he would have his favorite box of lollies to suck on’, Rita exclaims. If something good comes out of lollies, bless them we say!

Resolution #2: I will replace my sodas with fresh juices

Incentive: New pair of sneakers

We can understand why you may be flustered with your kid’s soda drinking spree. All school going kids get into this habit sometime or the other, right? ‘If you’re going to ask your kid to completely do away with his sodas, that’s not happening. Just ask him/her to slow down’, advises Kathy, 40, a mum of two school children. We think she’s right. With a few incentives, we’re sure you can crack this New Year resolution.

Resolution #3: I will limit my Playstation hours

Incentive: Call friends over for a sleepover

Roger, 31, scared the wits out of us when he told us about his daughter’s Playstation obsession. ‘My wife and I had a tough time cutting down on our daughter’s time in front of the TV screen. We finally coaxed her to take it up as a New Year resolution, and in return we allowed her to call a few friends for sleepover’. A fair deal, don’t you think? This can be a great New Year resolution.

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