10 Lunch Box Ideas for Kids

10 Lunch Box Ideas for Kids

When it comes to kids, it is a daunting task to think what to pack in their lunch box. Being a caring mother, you would always want your kids to have healthy eating habits. But kids perpetually choose the non-healthiest food items, as they enjoy eating those the most. In such cases, try and be a little innovative. It is always recommended for mothers to come up with new and interesting lunch box ideas that are healthy and tasty, such that the kids will relish their meals during their breaks.

Who said good food does not taste delicious? You just need to know the right tricks! Here are some amazing lunch box ideas for your kids, that are healthy and yummy both.

1. Pancakes

Pancakes are the all-time favorite dish for any child, or even an adult! Basic pancakes are a very good lunch box idea for your kid. Besides, preparing this dish does not take away a lot of your time, and is absolutely mouth-watering. Pancakes are filling and are also very healthy. You can always experiment with pancakes by adding or garnishing them with honey-dipped fruits. Kids will love it.

2. Cheese and bacon rolls

The combination of cheese and bacon can make riots in your kid’s stomach. Cheese and bacon rolls are outrageously tempting and are extremely delicious. For this recipe, all you need is some good quantity of pizza dough, diced bacons and lots of mozzarella cheese. This dish is very easy to make, and your lunch box will be an instant hit with your child’s friends at school.

3. Cream cheese, carrot and sultana sandwich

One of the healthiest and easiest foods is a sandwich. The best part about sandwiches is that you can experiment with them the way you like, and it will give you the finest results. Take some bread slices, spread the cream cheese on it and add the mixture of chopped carrots and sultanas. The sweet and tangy taste of this sandwich will make your child ask for more.

4. Vietnamese rice paper rolls

Wraps and rolls are extremely convenient to eat, and give you a chance to make your kids consume lots of vegetables too. Vietnamese rice paper rolls are easy to make and suffice your child’s appetite. In this dish, you can add cucumbers, red bell peppers, carrots, and avocado cut into thin strips. Add some pea sprouts, mint and coriander leaves, hint of soy sauce and lime juice, and wrap it in rice paper rolls. Your delicious Vietnamese rice paper rolls are ready to be eaten.

5. Berry and apple bircher muesli

Gone are the days when your child used to cringe looking at muesli. The berry and apple bircher muesli will give a new touch to the boring recipe. All you need to do is combine muesli with berry yogurt, apple and berries. Sprinkle some sunflower seeds as a garnishing, and your yummy muesli is ready to be packed. This dish is extremely healthy and will keep your kid active throughout the day.

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