6 Lovely Tips on Starting a Mother-Child Club

6 Lovely Tips on Starting a Mother-Child Club

Starting a mother-child club is not a tedious task, if planned and executed properly. Here, we share some tips to help start a club for mothers and children.

1. Age-Group

The word kid could range from newborn babies to teenagers. It is best to decide the age of kids who will be allowed to be a part of the club. It could be for toddlers and newborns, for older kids 5-8 years of age. It could also be divided based on if kids are in middle school and high school. When a specific age limit is set, it helps in organizing activities with more clarity and in sync with the members.

2. Theme

Once the age group has been decided, the next thing would be to define a theme for the mother-child group. For example – books, fashion, health, music. Or, if you would rather have a diverse group – you could just call it a playgroup or fun club. This will again help in attracting people with specific needs and expectations, rather than just random people.

3. Location

It is almost impossible to organize clubs without setting up geographical boundaries. So, find out the location where the mother-kid club will be set up and send invites to people in and around that area. You could always let people bring in their friends and relatives from other areas as well.

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