Learn How To Look Thinner With These Fashion Tricks

Learn How To Look Thinner With These Fashion Tricks

Every woman desires to look her best whenever she steps out or for that matter, even while she’s at home. Looking slim is a quintessential requisite in this category. While not all of us are blessed with hourglass figures or a slender frame, there are many fashion tricks that you could possibly try to make your frame appear smaller than it actually is.

Research has proved that most women tend to pile up flab on their tummies, hips and the rear. However, there are other pain areas for many others. While there are several ways to look thinner, not many of us are rightly equipped with the knowledge of using fashion in the right manner. Sometimes many perceptions about fashion that we have on how to look thinner become mere faux pas because of lack of information. Using smart wardrobe tricks does in no way discourage you from pulling down your weight if you are on the heavier side and is also not a long term solution to looking slim. Dressing up smart may make you look thinner but does not actually help you lose weight. However, this is a great option if you want to indulge in it once in a while to look elegant and charming.

Balance is the word to chant. It is extremely vital to think beyond the extra flab and consider your overall body shape and aim to create a suitable proportion between your bottom half and top half. It is a simple fact that when your top is heavier than your bottom, you ought to choose styles that minimizes the former and accentuate the latter. This works vice versa as well. The golden rule is to play with to your strengths and camouflage your flaws. There are myriad fashion rules and ways to look thinner. You just need to find one or more that is most suitable to your body shape and size. Take a look at some of these tips.

1. Opt for suitable colors and shades

Colors play a major role in this endeavor. Wearing bright colors invites attention. So, use it to your advantage. You can wear bright colored tops and distinctive necklines to pull attention to your torso if this part is smaller than your bottom half. Monochromatic dresses often create a slimming effect and darker shades add to the objective.

2. Size does matter

Many women tend to cover up flab on their abdomen area by wearing baggy tops or oversized clothes. It is a myth that loose outfits cover pounds. On the contrary, it will make you look even bigger and brand you a fashion disaster. Wear clothes that fit your body. You should neither purchase too small a size or too big an outfit. Choose pants meticulously, opt for the ones which at least cover half your legs.

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