Laugh Your Way To Good Health

Laugh Your Way To Good Health

Having good health does not necessarily mean having a fit body. It also has a lot to do with a healthy mind which is stress free. In today’s times, with the kind of lifestyle that we lead, there is so much to cope up with – work load, relationships, social life, etc. Things may not always be the way you would want them to be. So what? There are positive vibes in everything around us and all that we need to do is identify them. But for that, you yourself must think positive first.

Feel pleasant

You may have often observed that it is pleasant to meet people who have a smile on their face and it somehow makes your day. Some wise person said ‘laughter is the best medicine’ and indeed it is. When we are happy, we express it by laughing or smiling and that shows that our internal state is healthy and also helps people around us to feel good.

Laugh your heart out

When we laugh, our blood flow increases which helps our body to relax and relieve us from stress. When you are happy and full of laughter, it helps to see things in a positive light which in turn helps you handle problems better. It ultimately makes you feel better. You may have noticed this many a times, when you start your day with something cheerful, something that makes you laugh, your day goes much smoother than the other days.

Science too supports laughter

Science also proposes a reason for laughing loud. The nervous system in our brain releases chemicals that affect our emotions, behavior and the way we feel. When we laugh, enkephalins and endorphins are released in our brain which make us feel good. This has an opposite effect when we are stressed for a prolonged time. Doctors have started using laughter therapy for patients dealing with stress and depression and it seems to be working wonders!

Good health is all about the benefits of your smile

Laughing not only makes us feel better but has innumerable other benefits like making us look vibrant, helps prevent heart attack, helps in having a better immune system, relieves us from pain and also helps generate energy in our body. With so much to gain, why wouldn’t you want to laugh?

Just put your worries behind, spend time with people who have a great sense of humor, stack a collection of the best comedies, join a hobby class that makes you happy, spend time with your loved ones, subscribe to daily jokes on your phone and do laughter yoga. Do what it takes to be happy and you will see that this is truly the best way of having good health.

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