Know The Secret of What Guys Want In Girlfriends

Know The Secret of What Guys Want In Girlfriends

It’s been time and again that girls have complained that guys don’t understand them, they are just so arrogant or ignorant, they don’t understand their feelings and stuff like that. While some of that may be true, what girls don’t know is that guys too have a specific list of what they really want in their girlfriend. After all, it’s not just about us, girls. You need to know what a guy needs and expects from you in a relationship. These are some secrets that we have got for you – the secrets of what guys really want in their girlfriend.

1. She should be independent

A guy wants a girlfriend who is independent and knows how to hold her own. She should have an identity of herself, while still being together as a couple. It’s okay once in a while to need a guy’s shoulder to cry on, but always coming to guys for help is a definite turn off for them. In fact, they like it if their girlfriend would have her own life, enjoying with her friends, have responsibilities at work, besides being there for her guy too.

2. She should be honest

This is the most important trait that guys want in their girlfriend and that is to be honest with them. No guy wants a girlfriend who lies to him every now and then or for small issues. Guys want complete honesty in their girlfriend.

3. She should be friends first, then girlfriend

Before a guy falls in love with a girl, they both are obviously friends. Hence, guys want this friendship to continue even after entering a relationship with the girl. They want to be able to share with their girlfriend, what they used to before. Cracking jokes with them, telling their deepest secrets, sharing a good laugh at a private joke, sharing their problems and much more is a part of any friendship. Guys wish to share that same rapport even after they get into a relationship with their once girl friend.

4. She should be clever

In a modern era such as this, guys want their girlfriend to be clever and smart too. She should know the tricks of the trade and know how to behave and look after herself in the modern world. She should just not be doing her work, meeting her guy and finish her day. She should be well aware of current happenings, important events and should be street smart when required.

5. She should have a good sense of humor

A lethargic girlfriend is on no guy’s wish list. Guys want to have fun with their girlfriend and she should be sport enough to handle their well meaning jokes. A good sense of humor is all that guys want in their girlfriend.

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