6 Japanese Foods You Must Try Once

6 Japanese Foods You Must Try Once

Well, if you are a real foodie and are experimental enough, then the Japanese food is the right thing for you. Japanese food is bound to surprise your taste-buds as it has a very different taste. There is a great variety of noodles, dumplings, spicy dishes, and sweets available. One of the specialties of Japanese food is its use of seaweed. Here are some Japanese foods you must try once.

1. The seaweed dishes

Seaweed in Japan is considered to be very healthy as it contains a lot of calcium. It is used in a variety of salads. The wakame salad is one of the best salads which contain sesame seeds and vinegar. Seaweed tastes very different from other kinds of salads that you might have eaten but once you try it, you would want to eat it all the time!

2. Dumplings

Gyosa are originally Chinese but these meat or vegetable filled dumplings have their own taste here. They are served pan fried and hot with a special tare sauce. Dango
are another kind of dumplings of rice flour and are eaten with tea. These are part of the traditional Japanese food. They are grilled and served with soy sauce.

3. The noodle dishes

What most of us eat are machine made noodles, but in Japan, noodles are hand-made. Ramen, Udon and Soba are hand-made noodles that are served with lots of vegetables and meat of your choice. They are very famous and are considered healthy as they are made up of wheat. Udon are thick noodles and are made with a thick paste or curry. These also can be made with seafood and vegetables and are considered to be good during winters. The Soba noodles are made from buckwheat and are served chilled.

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