Is Your Husband Involved In Your Child’s Education? Use These Top 5 Ways To Do That

Is Your Husband Involved In Your Child's Education? Use These Top 5 Ways To Do That

Do you wish that your husband could be much more involved and active in your kid’s education? We all do. We’ve come up with 5 simple questions. Once you answer these questions, it will be super easy for you to involve your husband in your child’s education.

1. Does your husband have skills that your child can use?

Is your husband in the banking sector? Why not ask him to teach your kid some Math? Is your husband an engineer? Why not ask him to teach your kid a few basics of Science? The key is to identify a skill which your husband has, and ask him to help your child with it. We think that our hubbies will feel very proud to teach our children a thing or two, won’t they?

2. Do you schedule weekly talks about school at home?

Do you have a fixed day and time when you, your husband and child sit together to catch up on what’s been going on at school? We think that you must. This is a great way to squeeze in time for your husband to be involved in the kid’s education. Even if he has a busy job, these short sessions will give him a quick update on how the children are doing at school.

3. Do you ask your kids to seek help from your husband in school projects?

The next time your children come to you for some help they need on their project, ask them to go to your husband. Whether it is a science project or an art class reading, ask the children to take their doubts and questions to your husband. This is a sure shot way to increase your husband’s curiousness in your kids’ education.

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