Is Your Boyfriend Cheating On You?

Is Your Partner On The Cheating Road?

Cheating is a sin. But let’s face it, many of us have gone through the pains of being cheated on and our hearts broken. If you think that your boyfriend is cheating to you, you can ask questions, or ask for clarifications. Let me tell you, there are many more nonverbal clues that can easily go overlooked. Check out some of the most basic tell-tale signs of a cheating boyfriend.

Privacy Issues

If there is a sudden need for privacy, be alarmed. Why should he need to be private about things that you share on a day-to-day basis? Be aware if he buys a new separate cell phone, deletes all messages, deletes incoming calls or excuses himself every time the phone rings. It is also awkward for him to wait till you go to sleep and then attend his calls or check his email. If he comes to you and says “How about we both taking some alone time for ourselves?”, be happy that your boyfriend gives you your space and freedom, but also be warned.

Too helpful

Is your boyfriend usually overtly helpful around the house? If yes, this one’s not for you. If not, this is a good way of judging if he has anything to hide. Is he trying to help out way more than usual with the laundry? Dishes? Even does the bed in the morning? Or just trying to be Mr. goody goody? To mask off any doubt from your side, he will try to be nice to you and offer you ‘guilt-help’. Look into his eyes when he offers to help you more than usual and ask him “Why do you want to help?” or “How come have you become so helpful?”. If you know your partner well, you will definitely sniff something out, if he is trying to hide the real motive.

Too accusatory

Does he pick too many fights? Has he become too intolerant? Do you have very frequent arguments with him? Do you feel like every situation is turning nasty? Well, there are two reasons why I ask these questions. One, it gives him an opportunity to storm out of the house and meet his lover. Two, psychologically he tries to put you down for your shortcomings. And if you don’t have any, winning fights or arguments over you will be the best way he can achieve this. Tip: Be very careful while snooping around. If you ask too many questions or find out information, he may accuse you of being overtly snoopy or an over-possessive girlfriend which will harm your cause.

Sex becomes routine

Sex is not only physically very satisfying but it also strengthens the emotional bond between you and your partner. The sparks that fly when your bodies and souls get entangled are special and you can feel the connection. Do you feel that sex has become more of a physical routine rather than a lovely bond? Does he just get into bed to satisfy needs? Are you having very little, or no sex? If you have a healthy relationship, you will immediately be able to tell when the emotional element is dwindling in bed.

Too much work

Is your boyfriend staying back at work every single night? It is either a case of a dedicated worker, or a cheating boyfriend. If he gets paid hourly, long nights should clearly reflect in a big fat pay check. Some clear signs of doubt are if he comes back from home smelling fresh, as if he has just had a bath. I would not recommend going up to his workplace in the evening to check, but I would suggest going up round the block and then calling him “Hey I was in the area and since it is your time to finish, how about we head out for dinner?”.

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