7 Interesting Facts You Must Know About Elton John

7 Interesting Facts You Must Know About Elton John

The “sun has never gone down” on the sheer brilliance and talent of the rock star Elton John. A style icon, a true super star and a Grammy award winner, Elton John is flamboyance personified. His unmatchable legacy in the musical world is what makes him a classic. Here are 7 interesting facts about Elton John.

1. Elton John was something of a musical prodigy. His brilliant aptitude for music was discovered with his latent talent as a pianist at an early age of 3. He continued to enthrall his audiences till the age of 7, playing at family gatherings and occasions. John was always passionate towards music and playing the piano. He also started composing his own music before his early teens.

2. John was a true artist. He was not fond of attending classes and working in a structure. He skipped classes and managed to scrape through the program with less than decent grades. He rode on the tube, played his songs and explored the places around instead. However, he did not slack off and later on took lessons with a private tutor while continuing his studies at the academy.

3. John’s mother was deeply interested in his career as a musician. Her second husband, John’s step father, was an artist too and she took great pride in her son’s musical talent. She provided him with space and equanimity to harness his potential, write his songs and compose music.

4. Not many people know that Elton John, born as Reginald Kenneth Dwight, legally changed his middle name to Hercules. However, his obsession with the name was not inspired by the Roman god Hercules but the horse named Hercules in the classical comedy sitcom, ‘Steptoe and Son.’

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