6 Interesting Facts About the Black History Month

Interesting Facts About the Black History Month

Our country is a melting pot of different races and cultures and has also had a racial past with blacks being used as slaves and abused not too long ago. Although racism has still not completely gone away, a lot of people have worked to make the lives of African American people better. This was the case not only in America but other countries as well. The Black History Month, which is also known as African-American History Month in America, is an annual observance in America, Canada, and the United Kingdom. It is to remember the important people and events in the history of the African Diaspora. It is celebrated annually in the United State and Canada in the month of February while in the United Kingdom it is celebrated in the month of October. Here are some interesting facts you should know about the Black history month.

1. Carter. G. Woodson is the father of Black History

Carter. G. Woodson was the son of former enslaved Africans James and Eliza Riddle Woodson. Although the son of former slaves who did not have a privileged upbringing, carter was well educated having gained a master’s degree at the University of Chicago in 1908 and a PhD from Harvard University in 1912. Woodson, who is known as the “Father of Black History” started Negro History week in 1926, which has now become Black History Month.

2. There is a reason it is being observed in the month of February

The reason February was chosen as the month to observe and celebrate Black history because it is the month when abolitionist and writer Frederick Douglass was born. He was born on the 12th of February. Also President Abraham Lincoln who was instrumental in abolishing the salve practice in the country was born on the 12th of February. It is to honor these two people that the Black History month is celebrated in February.

3. Woodson has far-reaching plans for the celebration of Black history month

Woodson truly believed that only black people in America should not be the focus of the month but rather black people from all over the world. He felt that the countless black men and women who had contributed to the advance meant of human civilization should be honored this month.

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