10 Interesting Facts about Oscars 2014

Interesting Facts about Oscars 2014

The annual Academy Awards for Motion Pictures or Oscars as they are popularly known always mange to create a buzz and this year was no different. There were plenty of heartwarming moments and there were some that made news for all the wrong reasons. Here are 10 interesting facts about Oscars 2014.

1. Megan Ellison, the producer of ‘Her’ and ‘The American Hustle’ is only the third and first female producer to get two nominations for Best Picture in the same year! However, the award went to ’12 Years a Slave’

2. Woody Allen, with 24 nominations including the original screenplay for ‘Blue Jasmine’, this year is the ‘most Oscar nominated’ artist alive.

3. Host Ellen DeGeneres took the Tweet world by storm when she posted a ‘selfie’ which was re-tweeted within hours a million times. By the time the ceremony ended it had hit 2 million tweets!

4. While Martin Scorsese’s ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ got him the 8th best director nomination, Leonardo De Capri lost out on the ‘Best Actor’ award once again. He has been nominated five times and the Oscar has eluded him till now.

5. There were a total of 8 first time nominees this year out of the 20 acting nominations and it was first timer Lupita Nyong’o who took home the Oscar for Supporting actress for her role in ’12 years a Slave’.

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