4 Indoor Activities for Kids on a Snow Day

4 Indoor Activities for Kids on a Snow Day

Having kids indoors on a snow day can be pretty tiring and trying for them and for you. It is hard enough to keep kids occupied and interested on something for a few minutes even on a normal day and it can seem like a herculean task to cook up some activities for them when they are forced to stay indoors. You will have to come up with a game that will keep them seated for a long time and that does not involve a lot of running around. Any activity that involves a lot of running may tire them out after a while, but that will only make them whine more and bug you a lot more than usual when they go to sleep. The activity should be balanced in such a way that they are both entertained and engrossed for most of the hours through the day. Here are some indoor activities you can do with your kids on a snow day.

1. Baking

You can enlist their help in baking some real warm goodies and cookies during the snow day. They can help you make the dough, or make different shapes in cookies and cupcakes. This would definitely keep them occupied for a few hours. Not only that they would be mighty interested in knowing how it tastes and will stay rooted in one place till the cookies come out of the oven. They also get to eat the cookies they bake.

2. Monopoly

This is one game that goes on and on with no one in sight for at least one whole day. This game works really well when there are two or more kids and when they are really interested in the game. You can either sit with them or drop in every few hours to encourage them or see what they are up to.

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