5 Reasons Why Parents Are Against Vaccination

5 Reasons Why Parents Are Against Vaccination

Are you confused after hearing the ongoing debate about anti-vaccination? Although we will tell you why some parents choose not to vaccinate their kids, you should take a decision at your own risk and discretion. Parenting decisions based on vaccinations are, after all, a sensitive matter in a child’s life.

1. Let the body’s immune system build naturally

Many parenting techniques come from the school of thought that believes in the body building its immunization system by itself. When you inject vaccines in the child’s body, the natural immune system of the body is never allowed to grow. Many parents believe that their children start growing dependent on vaccinations.

2. Vaccines are tested on animals

Since parenting ideologies differ from family to family, reasons for not vaccinating children can also vary accordingly. Many parents are morally against the fact that vaccinations are prepared and developed through animal testing with pigs, hamsters, chicks and so on. They are also nourished with animal tissues. Which parent will want to adopt vaccinations that can carry potentially harmful animal bacteria?

3. No guarantees, yet expensive

Do you know how expensive many Hepatitis vaccines are? We’re sure parents never think of money when kids are concerned, but there’s no point spending so much on vaccines when there’s no guarantee that the disease will never attack the child, isn’t it? Plus, these expensive vaccines have to be taken numerous times in the year!

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