How To Treat Oily Skin?

How To Treat Oily Skin?

What is oily skin?

The sebaceous glands, in the upper layer of the skin, secrete sebum, the oil that hydrates the skin. In some cases, the secretion of sebum is in excess; hence the skin looks oily and also feels oily. This skin type is called as oily skin. Due to excess secretion of oil, the pores open up which also leads to black heads. Oily skin can also be caused due to over active hormones as can be seen in teenagers. Teenagers generally have oily skin during their puberty and this decreases with age. Hormonal imbalance can also cause oily skin. Sebum secretion can increase due to faulty diet, heredity, menses, sometimes due to side-effects of birth control pills, faulty diet or bad quality of cosmetics or due to excess hot weather.


One of the main symptoms of oily skin is a layer of oil on the face, making the face shining. Acne is also a manifestation of oily skin. Eruptions and skin breaking can also be symptoms of oily skin. Look out for the symptoms like big pores, blemishes like black heads, white heads, zits, dull greasy skin etc. Acne is seen when the manifestation is severe. This is one of the conditions of oily skin, which takes considerable time and effort on part of the patient and the dermatologist to clear from the skin.

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