How To Take Care Of A Prematured Delivered Baby?

How To Take Care Of A Prematured Delivered Baby?

A premature baby is a baby born before the 37th week of pregnancy. These babies do require special care, because they are not fully equipped and ready for the world and its challenges. Their lungs and digestive system may not function well yet. Others complications are also possible. Take a look at some tips on how to care for a premature baby.

First thing that shocks any baby born in this world is the difference in temperature. For 9 months, the baby has lived safely inside your warm womb. Now it experiences sensations, which can be compared to how you would feel if you step barefooted in the snow. A premature baby may not be ready yet for such a challenge. So, most prematurely born babies are placed in an incubator. They need to live in a warm climate for some more time. This is crucial for their survival. So, keeping your baby warm is a primary task. The baby also needs the right air humidity. They cannot live in dry air, as most adults can live in. An incubator will provide them with the right environment to survive.

Feeding is something you should give special attention to and care for your premature baby. Some babies cannot be even fed from the bottle, which is easier than breastfeeding. Of course, this can be done only in a hospital. However, you should not give up the idea of breastfeeding your baby.

Decant your milk every two hours, so your body would keep on producing it. Once your baby grows up a bit, you can start feeding it from the bottle. This is crucial for any baby, but a premature baby needs it even more. This would give your baby a strong immune system and protect him/her from different diseases.

Caring for a premature baby requires much patience and courage. But if you cooperate well with your doctors and persevere, your baby will develop just right and with the passage of time you won’t even remember all this trouble.

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