How To Stop Hair From Graying?

How To Stop Hair From Graying?

Shiny, beautiful hair are a blessing for those who have them. Who does not want to have beautiful and healthy hair? Your hair being your most prized possession need ample of care. If you have been spotting gray hair, then it’s time you should act. Gray strands are a matter of concern for the youth, as premature gray strands become a matter of embarrassment for them. There can be many reasons behind the premature graying of hair like chronic cold, hormonal imbalance, illness, infection, chronic constipation, anemia, besides heavy exposure to sun and pollution. Let’s have a look at few ways or remedies to prevent premature graying of hair strands.

1. Stick to one shampoo

One of the basic steps is to stick to one shampoo that suits your hair. You should not keep changing your shampoo.

2. Use Indian gooseberries

Indian gooseberries are one of the best ways to prevent premature graying of hair and preventing hair loss. You can use it in different ways. For instance:

1. You can cut the gooseberry into small pieces and soak it in the sun for 1-2 days. Then boil these pieces in coconut oil. Massage this oil on your scalp a night before washing your hair.

2. You can also boil these pieces in water and by rinsing your hair with this water, you can prevent those embarrassing gray strands.

3. Gooseberry juice can also be mixed in almond oil and applied to your hair.

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