How to Spot A Jealous Co-worker?

How to Spot A Jealous Co-worker?

There is nothing more complicated than the human mind. A person who admires you for what you are may eventually begin to be jealous of you for what you have achieved. It can also be that a person who is jealous of you might pretend to be your best friend just to wait for the right moment and snatch opportunities from your hand. Spotting a jealous co-worker at your workplace is no easy task. But listed below are 4 effective ways by which you can actually do this.

1. Observe others reactions

Notice reactions of people when you accomplish something or are appreciated for something you have done. You will find that there are always mixed reactions from the people around you. Some people will genuinely appreciate your effort and will congratulate you. However, there will be others who may congratulate you but from their tone of voice, their facial expressions, body language and demeanor you will realize that they are jealous of you. You can easily make out if you notice carefully who the people are who look at you approvingly and who are the ones who turn their faces, though still smiling.

2. Interact with colleagues and subordinates

Interact with those people in your workplace who are yet to achieve what you already have. You will have a fairly good idea of who are ambitious and are waiting for something big but are yet to achieve them. So, whenever you are appreciated or receive an appraisal, go and talk to these people who have not yet made it. You will easily make out the jealous ones among them from the way they talk, unless they are trained deception experts.

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