How To Read Body Language Of Men?

How To read Body Language Of Men?

Ever wondered what is he thinking, without him even saying a word? Learn reading men’s body language

It would be great if we could all master the skills of reading body language of men, wouldn’t it? Forget all the complicated advice that the so-called dating experts are doling out because we’re going to go through some top movements and poses which help you decode the body language of men.

Step 1: He lifts his eyebrows

Any slight movement in your man’s eyebrows when you are approaching him can mean that he likes what he sees. This body language of men is a tell tale sign of appreciation.

Step 2: He gazes into your eyes without looking away for a long time

A long gaze can be very mysterious and can be the hardest one to read through. If you are flirting with your guy, a long gaze can mean that he is trying to seduce you. On the other hand, if your long time partner gives you that long gaze, it may mean that he is discontent with something. Kind of tricky, isn’t it?

Step 3: He holds a masculine posture

Men’s body language can sometimes mimic their primal instincts. Just like a peacock displays its feathers, a man will stand straight and hold a posture that shouts ‘look at me’ when he wants to get your attention. It is his way of showing that he is the right candidate for you. We find that quite sweet.

Step 4: He sits with his legs wide apart

Men sometimes don’t even realize that they are doing this because it may even happen involuntarily. Another tell tale sign of the body language of men is when they sit with their legs wide apart in front of you. This too, is a biological instinct and it usually means that he has the hots for you.

Step 5: He sits with his feet pointing towards each other

At times, men do feel insecure or nervous when they see a beautiful woman. And the body language of men will show this behaviour instantly. A typical example of this is when a guy in a cafe or a pub sits with his feet pointing towards each other. But don’t be put off, ladies. This body language of men can also mean that he is interested in you but is nervous to approach you.

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