How To Promote Your Blog?

How To Promote Your Blog?

Not-so-recently, social networking and blogging have become way more cooler on the Internet. Some people use it as a hobby, while others earn money with their blogging career. Whatever your choice may be, you need people to read what you’ve written, right? So to increase your blog traffic, there are some smart things that you have to do. To start with, you can read this piece, which will give you tips on how to promote your blog.

1. Ping

Activate ping services for your blog. Ping services get notified once you make a blog post. This will expose your site on search engines and thus increase your traffic.

2. Instant emails

On your blog, you should always have an option whereby readers and other bloggers can easily sign up for your blog. This way they will get notified and get emails whenever you post a new article.

3. Scribd

To increase traffic for your blog, you can also submit your blog posts to Scribd. You just have to convert them into PDF files. But don’t forget to add your blog URL and summary in the document.

4. Twitter

With Google having indexed Twitter, now whatever you tweet related to your website will affect your online presence. So you can add tweets that link to your blog and thus increase traffic and promote your blog.

5. Facebook page

If you have a fashion or photography blog, you can create a Facebook page for it. This way it will keep your Facebook friends updated about your blog and attract more new members to your page and eventually your blog too.

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