How To Make Your Toddler Cooperate With You?

How To Make Your Toddler Cooperate With You?

It requires finesse to get cooperation from toddlers or preschoolers. This is a very delicate age where they still are not in that position to understand what you are saying, or what you actually want. Reasoning with a two-year old is of no use, it’s just like pulling your hair out. You can get through these frustrating situations by changing your approach. Let’s view two situations and find the answer to your query. We first present you with the typical situation.

Mom: “Marc! Time to change your diaper.”
Marc: “No!” (as he runs off)
Mom: “Come on, honey. It’s time to leave, I need to change you.”
Marc giggles and hides behind the couch.
Mom: “Marc, this isn’t funny. It is getting late, come here.”
Marc pays no heed and runs here and there, scatters all his toys.
Mom gets up and approaches Marc.
Marc giggles and makes fun.
Mom gets irritated and annoyed by Marc’s mischief. She pulls Marc and and makes him lie forcefully on the couch.
Mom: “Now lie here. Stop squirming and lie still.”
While mom bends to get hold of a new diaper, Marc runs away with his bare bottom.

This is a typical situation which most young moms or dads, who have toddlers, must have faced at some point in time. Have you too experienced something like this? Have you ever thought of changing your approach, or modifying your technique to deal with your little one?

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