How to Make Your Own Fashion Accessories?

How to Make Your Own Fashion Accessories?

The big advantage of fashion accessories is that there is no stereotype to them. In fact, anything you create and wear with confidence can become an instant fashion statement. So, this gives you a lot of leverage to create your own fashion accessories. All that prevents you from making fashion trends is your creativity. Unleash your imagination and flaunt your creations with élan. Here are a few ideas that can help you make some excellent accessories.


Bracelets are some of the easiest things to make and you can try out a lot of variations in it. Some of the classic looking bracelets can be made with colorful beads and pearls. You can use different charms, small replicas of your zodiac signs and anything that takes your fancy. All these pieces are available readily in the market. Begin by taking a sturdy wire, preferably gold or silver colored, cut it into one or one and a half inch pieces and twist them into the shape of an ‘S’ hook. Pass the loop of your replicas or charms into these S hooks and hook all of them together to make a chain. Hook both the open ends together and you have a bracelet ready. Measure your wrist and ensure that the bracelet is not so big because it can slip off.

Another good alternative is to make the bracelet lot enough to be a necklace. When you use it as a bracelet, double spin the chain round your wrist. You can wear the same chain round your neck as a necklace in a single strand. You can link together different objects that are available in the market and create great designs. Sterling wire is an excellent jewelry material. You can solder the ends of a sterling wire together, boil it for five minutes in water mixed with sodium bi-sulfate and slightly hammer it to get the perfect shape.


Tribal necklaces are a rage these days and go very well with all kinds of clothes. You can use them to add a special zing to a simple T-shirt and jeans as well. Choose large sized beads of different colors and form a pattern with them. Bead them together and you have a tribal necklace ready to wear!

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