How To Make Your Friends Laugh

How To Make Your Friends Laugh

Make your friends feel special by bringing a smile on their faces. They would love you for this. Make them laugh by your antics or special gestures. Listed are some tips to make your friends laugh. Read on and do try it on them to see them smiling wide.

1. Start with a joke

If you want to make your friends laugh, then simply tell them a joke. It could be a forwarded message or a joke from your favorite joke book. While chatting with your friends, randomly tell a joke. You will pep up the whole atmosphere for sure. This would really be a change for them as they will laugh and have a good time.

2. Be witty with your friends

Be witty when you speak to them. Like, it could be a reaction to something they tell. Just be witty with humor in your reaction. Or, else be sarcastic when you react or give a solution to something. The idea is to make them laugh and enjoy. They would feel good on your antics for sure. Be as witty as you can with your friends.

3. Use great one liner

You can make your friends laugh by using great one liner. A single sentence can also create that kind of a wit which would make them laugh for sure. So, your one liner can be great. If you have a good sense of humor, then use one liner for your conversation with your friends. You can also use adjectives and instances for one liner.

4. Give it back on the joke

Do you want to make your friends laugh in a funny way? Then use the give it back joke or line. Like, if they talk to you about things. Use the opposite in your line and make a joke. Your friends would surely laugh on your unusual wit. But, you have to make sense when you talk or else your friends may also make fun of you.

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