How to Make True Friends?

How to Make True Friends?

Finding and making true friends is too difficult a task these days. Friends are there when you need to fall back on someone. When things go wrong, they are there to make you laugh in the saddest of moments, they are there to pull your leg in front of an audience. But is it easy to make such true friends? You can learn how to make true friends if you follow these ways.

1. Share and communicate

To make real and true friends, you should know how to communicate with them. Share your joys, happiness, achievements with them and if they seem appropriate, you can also tell them about any problems that you may have. Once you’ve come across a good person, you have to keep in touch with them via calls, messages, email or chat.

2. Learn to be a friend first

The first and one of the most important thing to do to make true friends is to be a friend first. Yes, you need to make the other person also feel that you are worth his/her friendship. Be there for them when they are in need or trouble. Be a giving and caring friend to let others see that you too can be a good friend. This in turn, makes them good friends to you.

3. Be yourself

Just like you, no one likes to have fake, unreal friends in their life too. So be what you are. Don’t be someone else just to please someone you like so that they become your friends. When they become aware of your real self, they will never trust you again. So just be yourself and people will accept you as you are and be your friends.

4. Know probable friends closely

If you meet someone online or through a common acquaintance or at work, get to know them more closely. For instance, in the case of online friends, you should be careful and never give your personal information. Also, get to know about them and verify the information that they give. Be sure that they are what they tell you.

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