How To Make Somone Happy Today?

How To Make Somone Happy Today?

Happiness is not just a state; it is a constant effort in action and gesture. By making someone happy, you get that feeling of pleasure and satisfaction from within. Well, how will you make someone happy today? Read on and find out for yourself.

1. Say a cute thank you

Do you ever say thank you to people who matter in your life? For all the love and care that they gave you! Go ahead and thank that person today. If it’s your mom, tell her thanks for the amazing food she makes. And, if it’s your dad, tell him that you have learned so many things from him so thank him for it. Simple thanks can bring a bright smile on their faces.

2. A chat session

Make your friends happy by calling them over for some yummy and delicious pizza treat. Have a chat session and spend some amazing time with them. A simple meal at your place will make them happy for sure. Do it with all your best friends and see them react. You would just make their day.

3. Change your status

Post a funny status on your Facebook profile or your Whatsapp profile. When you post something funny and humorous, you would make someone smile just like that. The person who will read your status would smile and your work is done. Sometimes it’s good to do something funny on social sites too.

4. Compliment someone

Do you know random compliment can bring a smile on someone’s face? The next time you see someone beautiful, just walk to her and tell her that you truly look wonderful, just see her bright smile. Or else, compliment someone who does a good job with things around. Another great way to make someone smile.

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